“Yesterday, you said tomorrow.”
– A wise man

Who we are?

Iluma Design was founded with a goal; to help small businesses in Singapore make big impressions worldwide. We specialize in Web Design, Digital Marketing and Small Business IT Solutions. Whether you’re a new start-up trying to stand out from your competition, or an existing company with many years of experience under your belt trying to re-invent yourself, we are confident that we can help take your business to the next level.

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Find out why we want to help small enterprises in Singapore.

Iluma Team

Jeremy Tee
Business Developer
Debrau Lau/Marketing Associate
Debrah Lau
Marketing Associate
Habib Rehman/Tech Lead
Habib Rehman
Tech Lead
Tan Yen Nee
Web Developer

Our Story

Not too long after starting up Nekojam, Jeremy and Debrah were approached by many friends and family who were looking for tips on how to start and successfully run an online ecommerce business in Singapore.


During that time, ecommerce was the latest trend that hit both the retail and IT markets in Singapore due to the low cost of entry and running costs. The couple saw the trend and with sufficient practical knowledge and expertise in the area, they decided to rope in Habib, an IT expert to start Iluma Design.


Since then, Iluma Design has helped many small businesses, startups and non-profit organisations design and develop websites. A lot of these businesses are able to see the value of working with Iluma Design thanks to the practical knowledge they have from running a successful online ecommerce platform which helps these businesses speed up their business development and online marketing strategies.


Today, Iluma Design is still focused on helping small businesses and startups as they look to grow their business online. We provided only our honest opinion on every project and give suggestions and improvements on how you can raise the chances of success for your business when your grow online.

Success Orientated

We only take on projects where we are confident. We’d rather lose the sale than to lose a friend.

No Hard Sell

We want to establish a mutually beneficial, win win relationship with all our clients.

Made In Singapore

All our WordPress websites are made in Singapore to ensure high quality control.

Have an idea? We’re here to help.