Facebook Ads VS Google AdWords in Singapore

Facebook Ads VS Google AdWords in Singapore

If you have a limited advertising budget, you may be wondering whether Facebook Ads or Google AdWords will work better for your business. Facebook and Google are both Internet giants, each with their own advertising model. However, the question you want to ask is not “Which is better?” but rather “Which will help me to achieve my goals“? Here’s a comparison of the two.

Audience Intent

People searching on Google are on a mission – they are looking for something specific and want to find what they are searching for. As such, Google has a pull marketing strategy. When you advertise with Google AdWords, you want Google to show an ad that matches the search intent, that is, whatever the searcher is trying to find.

On the other hand, Facebook users tend to be just browsing through their feed. This means their sessions tend to be longer than on Google. Facebook enables you to advertise to people who are not necessarily searching for your product or service. Based on the user’s interests, Facebook shows them relevant ads on their news stream. As such, Facebook is preferred for building brand awareness, or for sending a specific message to your target audience.

Targeting Options

Both Google AdWords and Facebook Ads can target ads based on users’ geographic location (e.g. Singapore), as well as demographics such as age (e.g. Females aged 18-25).

Google AdWords also has targeting options that Facebook lacks, such as the Remarketing option which targets people who have previously visited key pages on your website. Your ads will show up when these users browse other websites that are in Google’s Display Network. Also, as Google has access to users’ browsing history, they can infer users’ interests and serve the most relevant ads.

Facebook can target ads based on users’ education, workplace and likes that are obtained from their profiles. These information allows for targeting that is highly specific, such as people from a certain school in Singapore, or like a certain TV show.


As Google AdWords target those who already have an interest in your product or service, these clicks are more likely to convert into sales. Your audience is already further along the purchase process. They have a focused buying mindset, and your aim is to position your business as the solution provider. As such, conversions from Google AdWords tend to be higher.

Facebook Ads’ main advantage is providing habitual updates on your product or service. After seeing your ad a few times, the target market may start to get familiar with your brand and click on your ad, which can ultimately lead to sales. Facebook ads are designed to build brand awareness slowly, rather than to convert clicks directly into sales. Facebook Ads reach people early into the buying cycle. Although there will be fewer conversions through Facebook Ads in the short run, the trust developed through interactions with your audience will lead to meaningful long-term relationships.

As you can see, Google AdWords and Facebook Ads serve different purposes for your business. If you are relatively new and need to build brand awareness, Facebook Ads should be the way to go. If there is already a large volume of searches for your product or service, using Google AdWords will help in increasing your sales.

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