Iluma Design Blueprint for Internet Marketing Success

I am writing this as i have a few clients asking for a brief introduction on internet marketing for their business. I will try my best to share what internet marketing is all about and my view on the  topic.

The goal of Internet Marketing is to reach out to your target audience through the internet with the intention of spreading your message or promoting your brand or product. Below we share our guide to creating and executing a successful internet marketing strategy for Singapore.

Manage Expectations

Do not expect instant results. Internet marketing requires a lot of time and commitment to be successful. Ensure that you and your team are ready for this before commencing any form of internet marketing. A lot of businesses in Singapore think that it is very easy to start internet marketing and it is true. It is as simple as clicking boost post on a Facebook post but the true goal of internet marketing is to ensure long term repeatability and effectiveness of the marketing campaign as opposed to a one hit wonder.


Identify what is the purpose of your internet marketing campaign. Is your goal to reach out to more customers or to collect information about your target market? Are you looking for more people to click a link to enter your ecommerce shop to buy a product? Maybe you’re looking for an increase in recurring orders? Think about why you are even doing this and it will make your next few steps easy peasy lemon squeezey.


Some businesses are B2B and their goal is to reach out to other businesses in Singapore. Others are B2C where they need to reach out to a large number of customers to capture and convert them. Different target will affect how you select your internet marketing channel.


The 2 main channels that are popular in Singapore for internet marketing now Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media Marketing (SMM). For SEM, Google Adwords is the preferred choice for most businesses in Singapore as more than 90% of the population on the internet use Google as their preferred search engine. Google Adwords allow you to pay per click for your website to be listed on the key search words that you determine. This will allow you to reach out accurately to your target audience.

For SMM, if Facebook is the king of social media then Instagram is the up and coming crown prince. Both Facebook and Instagram have a strong base of users that you can also narrow down to ensure that your advertisement reach out only to your intended audience. Pricing model is slightly different for SMM as it’s more of a pay per impression but they have new methods to track and adjust for higher conversions and engagement.


The type of content that you will need to generate for both SEM and SMM are different but similar at the same time. The main similarity is that they both require a page on your website for the customer to click or link to. It can be a link to a landing page, blogpost or product on your website.

For SEM, the type of content on your page should try to match the keyword that your audience will search. That way, your ad will have a higher quality score will will in turn be more effective and cost efficient. You may want to invest in some Search Engine Marketing (SEO) to increase your page relevance for that.

For Facebook and Instagram, you’re looking at content that captivate the user on initial impression. This is usually done in the form of eye catching high quality images or even videos. Due to this, SMM ads need to be beautifully crafted to draw users to click your links.


Find the best way to not only come up with new content for all your channels while engaging with your existing audience. With a robust process, you will find that it is a lot easier to streamline your efforts. Break up the process into smaller parts and assign individuals who are stronger at the task to them. You can also consider outsourcing some of your more repetitive tasks to web agencies like Iluma Design so that you can focus on coming up with the quality content that require technical knowledge to craft.

Most importantly, you must ensure that there is 2 way communication between your audience for maximum conversions. Ensure all your communication channels like email, Facebook private message, comments and live chat on your website are all manned during or even after office hours. There is nothing worse than being left with a burning question with nobody there to help or answer.


The tracking of performance is one of strongest point of internet marketing. Traditional marketing have no metric for us to track the performance but with internet marketing, you are able to find out more information about your demographics such as their age, gender and browsing patterns. Armed with this information, you can now create content that is even more relevant to them which should hopefully increase your ad’s performance.

I hope that this article can shed some light on internet marketing for your business. At this day and age, every business should be on the internet and they should be shouting as loud as they can about their business everyday. Failing to do so might not kill your business now, but it will surely limit your business’s growth potential in the future.

Jeremy Tee
[email protected]

Jeremy is the Business Developer at Iluma Design, a web design company focusing on SMEs and Startups. He co-founded; an online pet store and; a cat hotel, both companies in the rapidly growing pet industry. He and his wife live happily together with their Golden Retriever and Ragdoll cat.