Iluma Design Chinese New Year 2017 Closure

* Image Credit: Brian Jeffery Beggerly : IMG_0835

Iluma Design would like to wish everyone a Happy Lunar New Year!

We will also like to announce that  will be taking a break from 27 January 2017 to 12 February 2017.

Managing wordpress websites and servers is hard work. Especially for our ever demanding clients here in Singapore. Thus, we would like to take this opportunity during Chinese new year 2017 to recharge our dying internal batteries in order to be be fully energised for the coming web and social media challenges we are about to face for 2017.

We hope to also take this time to improve on our own website so that we can better present information to our clients so that they will be able to know exactly what services will suit their needs best in this ever changing internet market here in Singapore.

However, everyone can rest assured that we will be back in office by Monday, 13 February 2017 to serve all your needs. If there is anything that you need, please feel free to contact me via my personal email or mobile number and i will try my best to tend to your request.

For potential clients looking to get a new wordpress site this 2017 (new year, new me, new site), please forward any enquires via our contact page and we will get back to you once we are back in office.

Hope to hear from you soon! GONG XI FA CAI!



Jeremy Tee
[email protected]

Jeremy is the Business Developer at Iluma Design, a web design company focusing on SMEs and Startups. He co-founded; an online pet store and; a cat hotel, both companies in the rapidly growing pet industry. He and his wife live happily together with their Golden Retriever and Ragdoll cat.