Why Iluma for a Singapore Web Design Company?

Iluma Shopping Center

One question that we frequently get when Singaporean businesses first hear our company name is ” Isn’t Iluma that name of a shopping center in Bugis?”.

Iluma used to be the name of a shopping center in Bugis, Singapore owned by Jacks Investments LLC. Iluma Shopping Center’s management had decided to dedicated the direction towards the arts and entertainment as opposed to retail as reported by asiaone news.

However, it did not turn out so well for the mall as there were very few visitors leading to many tenants shutting down their stores. In 2011, CapitalMall announced that they will acquire Iluma from Jacks Investments for S$ 295 million. In 2012, CapitaMall renamed the mall to Bugis+ which is what Singaporeans now refer the mall as. (Source)

Iluma Design


When we first started our web design company, we had no idea what to name the company. We wanted something that would be easy to pronounce and remembered. Then the name Iluma came to mind. We checked the Singapore Web Registry, SGNIC and it was available. Below are some reasons why we chose to name our company, Iluma Design.

  • The name Iluma was a good idea as most Singaporeans would already have known of the shopping center so it would not come across as a totally alien brand.
  • Jacks Investments must have done some market research prior to selecting the name for their heavily invested shopping mall. We do not have a data but it must have been good for them to choose it. Whatever the case, free market research.
  • It makes a good conversation starter which makes breaking the ice easier when we meet clients. They will ask why did we choose that name which will lead to the next point.
  • SEO or Search Engine Optimization. SEO helps your website get more visibility on search engines such as Google. Iluma.com.sg must have some hits on before was revamped and rebranded to Bugis+. It is after all a shopping center so there mush be some promotions or reviews on blogs or social media. Although it would be totally unrelated to the web services that we provide now, any link is still better than no links at all.

Examples of some totally unrelated links:
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Bonus: Check out the old website for Iluma Shopping Mall, it still works. WebArchive

Featured Image: William Cho, Could this Mall be a White Elephant someday?


Jeremy Tee
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Jeremy is the Business Developer at Iluma Design, a web design company focusing on SMEs and Startups. He co-founded Nekojam.com; an online pet store and Nekoya.co; a cat hotel, both companies in the rapidly growing pet industry. He and his wife live happily together with their Golden Retriever and Ragdoll cat.