Kewpon Web Preview
eCommerce Website, Web Design
About This Project

Kewpon was created out of the love for pets and the need to find the best for them. Kewpon’s founder believes in constantly trying out new and exciting things in the name of pets.


Kewpon aims to help pet owners discover many different products, services, places and activities to do with their pets all in Singapore at a lower price. Kewpon hopes that pet owners have a fun time finding out new places and things to do with their pets.


Iluma Design offloads the website design and technical work from Kewpon, allowing them to focus on their business. Iluma Design also provides website maintenance to Kewpon, including photoshoots for their latest pet products. As an added bonus, Iluma Design shares their online marketing strategies with Kewpon, in the hopes that both can grow together towards greater heights.