Digital Marketing Flyer Design Singapore

Traditionally, flyers are delivered to the audience physically either in person or via mailboxes. However, the success of distributing flyers physically are difficult to track. We do not know if the person had received, read and if the flyer has converted into sales.


Here at Iluma Design, we want to bring traditional flyers to the digital age. By designing flyers that can be used not only in printed mediums but on the web as well. We will design your flyer for different web formats such as for Facebook & Instagram posts or ads. We will also provide designs for Mailchimp Newsletters and other other format that your business may require.


There are many benefits of having your flyers sent digitally via the internet. Firstly, you will be able to select who you want to

  • Basic Flyer Design

    Simple Template Design
    1 Design Revision
    Content Must be Provided by Client

    $90 / Page
  • Web Flyer Integration

    1x Facebook Post & Ad
    1x Instagram Post & Ad
    1x Mailchimp Newsletter

    + $60
  • Fast Flyer Design

    3 Day Delivery
    Subject to Availability

    + $60 / Page
  • Instant Flyer Design

    Same Day Delivery
    Subject to Availability

    + $200 / Page
  • Advanced Flyer Design

    Custom Flyer Design

    $250 Onwards
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