Having high quality images of your products is crucial for any ecommerce store in Singapore today. With clear images of your products, your customers will be able to identify the exact product that they are searching. This helps your customers know more about the product even before needing to contact you. Some products are difficult to describe as your customers might not know the technical terminology or identification of the product. Images help them identify these product much quicker and easier.

Other uses of high quality product photography also include showcasing the design and styling differentiation that your business has. For example, the style of flower arrangements are usually difficult to describe. However, the customer will understand clearly once an image is shown to them. With clear images of your brand’s style and design, intended customers will be able to identify what is your brand’s trademark look!

Some of our clients asked if they can use the images that they have taken a few years ago or if they can use images that their principal provides. We understand that it is important for businesses in Singapore to save and cut costs as much as we can but having localised, current images is very important for online shoppers in Singapore. This is because with the large variety of shops online, Singaporeans now shop very quickly, spending very little time on pages trying to search for the exact item they are looking for.

In order for businesses to have a higher conversion rate, we normally recommend our clients to take large, sharp and current images of their products so that when their customers see the image, they know that it’s the exact product that they are looking for.

Why Iluma Design for Product Photography?

Here at Iluma Design, we provide our clients with quality service at an affordable price. Our aim is to empower small businesses in Singapore to greater heights by leveraging on web technologies. We understand that it is not easy to run a business in Singapore this day and age, especially for businesses trying to transit from brick and mortar to online business. We have helped many small businesses take simple but sharp and clear images of their products. This allows them to quickly enter the market instead of holding back on the website or product listing.

Our standard product images are shot in well lit environments to ensure the even lighting of the product. Once the photos are shot, we will edit them to bring out a pure white background. Images will then be exported to high resolution for websites and sent to the client via email or when the client comes over to collect the products. Depending on the quantity and our schedule, our clients will normally get their photos within 2 week of sending the product to us.

We offer mainly two kinds of Product Photography services – Ecommerce Product Photography and Flatlay Product Photography. Some industries that we have worked with include:

  • Pet Industry
  • Heavy Vehicle Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Flower Industry
  • Gift Hamper Industry
  • Fashion Industry
  • Sport Equipment Industry


Home Appliances


Prices Start from


$ 45* Per Product 
  • 3 Images Per Product
  • For Products Smaller Than 35cm x 35cm x 35cm
  • For Tabletop Items
  • For Non-Reflective Products (Shiny, Chrome, Reflective Product)


What You Will Expect From Iluma Design:

  • In Plain White or Transparent Background
  • Basic Retouching
  • Images in Web or Print Resolution
  • Perfect for Use on Website or Print Media
  • Download or View Final Edited Images via WeTransfer or Google Drive

What is Extra?

Additional cost applies for the product photography that require additional time for setup, editing and preparation.

Group Shot

Group shots require additional time for preparation and editing. The cost is based on the details and complexity of the group shots.

Larger Products

The item is larger than 35cm x 35cm x 35cm such as home appliances, furniture, and etc. The cost is based on the details, size of products and the complexity of the products.

Reflective Products

Products with shiny and reflective surfaces such as jewelry, watches, cosmetics and etc requires additional time for preparation, setup and editing. The cost is based on the details and complexity of the products.

Product Require Preparation

We provide services such as steaming garments, cleaning dirty products and lighting up products.

Advanced Photoshop Manipulation

Removal of logos or dirt, blurring certain portions, changing of text, changing of colour

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