Social Media Management

Here at Iluma Design, our main goal is to help Small and Medium Enterprises in Singapore fully utilize the power of the internet for their business and brands.


This was why we came up with our Basic Social Media Management plan. It is a low cost to entry package for businesses who are new to the social media management and marketing and thus, not keen to heavily invest in it.


Their apprehensiveness to adapting to the social media is understandable as this might be a fad. However, social media (Facebook) has been around for more than 10 years (source). The younger generation practically grew up with the social media, one could say that it has become an extension of their lives.


Being glued to the computer and mobile devices, the younger generation are constantly online. They no longer need to go to shopping malls and shops to purchase products, all they have to do is search the web where there are countless e-commerce websites that sell everything that physical stores do. What’s more, the transactions are fast and secure and their purchases gets delivered to their doorstep. What’s there not to like?



Business Social Media Singapore


In order for these SMEs to remain competitive, many have tried their hand at social media management and marketing for their business either through the help of their children or younger employees. However, many feel that they are not getting the results that they are looking for.


Although the younger generation grew up with social media and Facebook, consuming Facebook as a service is very different as compared to using Facebook as a marketing platform to reach out to the masses.


Here at Iluma Design, we take pride in our work to help these businesses find their target market and reach out to them. If you are interested in bringing your business to greater heights contact us for a no obligation discussion at your convenience. We can help you reach out to customers you never thought existed, wether in Singapore or Globally!

What is it good for:

  • Increase sales via internet
  • Building strong online presence
  • Reaching out to younger customers
  • Attract younger talent

Looking to Get More Sales Online?


Who is it for:

Iluma Design’s Basic Social Media Management is for Small Medium Enterprises (SME) in Singapore that have been around since before the internet  and Facebook.


These businesses know that Facebook and Social Media Marketing is the new way to reach out to customers and would like to try it out but do not know exactly how to go about doing it. This is where Iluma Design comes in.

Why you need it:

Iluma Design can provide these business with an avenue to reach out to their existing and new clients with the help of Facebook.


We can help these SMEs share content that is relevant to their market and industry from popular online publications and pages. In doing so, these SMEs will be able to display a strong online presence to their clients.

Yes, I want to Bring My Business Further with Facebook!