Responsive Web Design and Web Development

Web design is a must have for anyone running a business today. Whether you require a storefront for your e-commerce ventures or for online marketing, a website is crucial in allowing prospective customers find you on the internet. As the saying goes, first impression counts. Outstanding layout and web design is important, from setting the initial impression of your company to your potential customers.

From fully responsive, mobile websites to e-commerce capabilities, we leverage on the latest web and server side technologies.  This ensures that you get the best quality website possible at the most affordable prices.

Responsive Web Design

With the rise of smart devices, websites are being visited upon more frequently on laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

responsive web design ensures that your website and content gets displayed nonetheless without sacrificing on design and usability.

You get a sleek minimalistic look across desktop and mobile devices alike without paying more.


As the world becomes more connected via the Internet, businesses must have an online e-commerce platform on which they will be able to promote their products and services.

Iluma Design is equipped to help businesses grow online with our years of experience in the e-commerce market. We have successfully helped many start-ups and businesses operate fully on sales generated from the Internet.

Additional Stuff

Not Just Web Design per se


We’re addicted with fast load times.


Nothing irks us more then inconsistency.


Optimizing your website for search engine.


Nobody likes to be compromised.

Ease of use

Everyone should understand.

Browser Compatibility

We leave no browser behind, not even IE.



Not Just Web Design per se

At Iluma Design, we believe that great web design is not the end of the journey. We’re perfectionists by nature. You can be assured that the extra mile is being taken to achieve the complete user satisfaction.

Contrary to belief, a website requires much more than just a great design. We offer web maintenance services to cater to exactly that. However, there are still many things that has to be done before launch.

Check out the list of awesomeness that come with every website we create.

We take pride in our work.

Affordable Web Design

good website does not cost much. It is not rocket science nor is it a secret on how to create one as shown here.  At Iluma Design, we only provide affordable and cost effective website solutions specially for your needs. In most cases, the bulk of the cost goes towards quality services and marketing campaigns.

Additionally, we strive to provide enterprise grade hosting at a fraction of the cost. Companies pay hundreds, if not thousands for technologies, enhancements  and features that we can provide at a small cost, if not 100% free. Our expertise in web design and web hosting have enabled us to do just that.