Happy New Year from Iluma Design

We’re on a short break for New Year 2018!

Hey, everyone! Are you looking forward to a brand New Year?!

Same here! Hence, Iluma Design will be closed for the Public Holidays on 1st January 2018. In fact, we’ll be extending our break just a little bit more from 2nd January to 4th January.

The truth is, though, we are not really considering it a break, since we’ll be using this time period to relook at our progress in 2017 and taking this opportunity to plan out an awesome strategy to take our services at another level. Hence, you’ll be looking at an even bigger and better Iluma in 2018!

Rest assured that we will be back in office by Friday, 5th February 2017 to serve you yet again. For potential clients looking to get your online business presence up and running for 2018, we’re here to help! Please drop us a message through our contact page and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

So, have a Happy New Year’s Day and a great 2018 ahead!

Armen R Rahman
[email protected]

Online Marketing Executive | Content Executive | Writes two-word novels