Facebook Social Media for Small and Medium Businesses in Singapore

Should Small and Medium Businesses in Singapore Have a Facebook Page?

Does your small or medium business have its own Facebook business page?

Facebook continues to be one of the most widely used social media networks, with 3.8 million registered users in Singapore alone. Having a presence on Facebook allows you to promote your business in powerful ways.

Here are 5 reasons that will convince you a Facebook page will be absolutely beneficial for your business.

Engage with your target audience

A Facebook page allows your business to interact and receive feedback directly from your target audience. Users who like your page are aware of your business, and are already interested or want to learn more. You will not waste time and effort engaging with people who may not buy your products or services.

Through Facebook Insights, you can obtain information about these users and their interactions on your page. You can then refine the types of posts your users are more likely to engage with, and tailor your content to provide the information your users crave for.

Give your brand a personality

A Facebook page allows you to show the human side of your business by attaching a face, name and personality to your brand. Through one-on-one conversations and personal interactions with your audience, you create more personal and human relationships with your audience, rather than appearing as just a business out to make a profit.

Build brand loyalty

Your business’ Facebook page is a great platform to build a community, allowing your customers, prospects and fans to review your products and services, voice out any concerns and provide feedback. You can also allow users to contribute through contests and promotions, or by offering incentives for activity on your page. By bringing people together through your page, you can develop a loyal following that will continue to grow.

Boost Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You can drive traffic to your business website and blog through links shared on your business’ Facebook page. Posts, links and other activity on your page may also give your SEO a boost. A Facebook page filled with constantly updated and relevant content can help to boost your search engine rankings.

Get ahead of your competitors

If your competitors are using social media, it can hurt your opportunities if you do not have a presence on Facebook or other social networks. Before purchasing a product or service, people nowadays tend to search online for businesses to buy from. In fact, 46.2% of Singaporeans first research product reviews, user experiences and comments through social media such as Facebook before committing to a purchase. A business with an active and responsive Facebook page will tend to attract more customers than one with a poorly run page, or no Facebook presence at all.

With an increasing number of consumers using Facebook to search for products and services that can make their lives better, having a Facebook page for your business will allow you to expand your reach and increase awareness of your business online. By providing updates, links, videos and other information to users who like your page, customers are constantly exposed to your brand and are more likely to remember and share it with their own connections.

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