Why SMEs in Singapore should use Facebook Ads for Marketing

Why SMEs in Singapore Should Use Facebook Ads for Marketing

Facebook is the most popular social media platform, with 3.8 million users in Singapore and more than 1 billion users worldwide. It is an excellent platform for marketing your small and medium enterprise (SME). Just imagine reaching out to a fraction of those 3.8 million users and what it would do for your business. However, most SMEs here in Singapore are still clueless about how to optimize Facebook Ads, or do not think Facebook Ads are worth their time and money for what they perceive to be little return. By utilizing Facebook Ads properly, you can attract and engage your potential customers to your business, resulting in a higher return of investment than traditional marketing channels.

Here are 4 ways Facebook Ads can benefit your small or medium business.

Extensive Targeting Options

Facebook Ads offers extensive targeting and retargeting options for you to define your audience as widely or narrowly as you wish. Some of the options include geographic location, age ranges, gender and even personal interests, which are all information users divulge on their profiles. By defining your target audience, Facebook can show ads to the relevant users that match your target audience.

Large Mobile Audience

As of February 2015, Singapore ranked highest globally for smartphone penetration, with 9 out of 10 respondents having access to a smartphone. With such a large proportion of your potential audience on mobile, Facebook Ads allow you to reach your audience on the go, as long as they have their smartphone with them. With smartphone penetration continuing to increase in Singapore, you can expect more mobile traffic in the future. Many people tend to break up their work day by checking their social media on their smartphone, and using Facebook Ads allow you to access this mobile audience.


Word-of-mouth is often considered the best form of advertising, as people are more likely to try a product or service if they are recommended by friends and family. The same applies on Facebook: when a user likes your page through your ad, this action is shared on all of their friends’ Facebook news feeds. This allows you to reach the extended network of all the users that have seen your ad and taken an action through it.

Track Performance Metrics

You want to know what exactly you are getting out of the money spent on Facebook ads. You can use the various tools provided to track the performance of your ads. With Facebook Adverts Manager, you have access to information such as the total number of times your ad was shown (Impressions), the number of different people who saw your ad (Reach) and how many times (Frequency). You can also find out the number of clicks of other actions taken, such as page likes, engagement, comments and shares. All these information are useful for you to determine the results of your ads, and tweak your strategy if required.

Increased Brand Awareness

Facebook users tend to check their news feed several times a day. When they scroll through their feed, they are repeatedly exposed to your ads. With continued visibility, your audience will start to get familiar with your brand, which will slowly get converted to clicks and likes.

At Iluma, we believe the Facebook Ads can be a powerful tool in the Singaporean SME’s marketing arsenal. Iluma Design offers several Web Maintenance packages that include Facebook Ads management. Contact us today to learn how you can increase your business’ reach through Facebook Ads.