Website Maintenance: What you need to know?

Website Maintenance: what you need to know

Being in the business of website design and website maintenance, we have seen customers who believe that once a website has been commissioned, it would publicise itself and get visitors on its own. They have never been so wrong. Every single time, they come back later and ask the question, why is my website not getting any leads?

We often liken a website to a physical store. Having zero website maintenance and updates is akin to renting a store with no staff and new items. As time goes by, competition will take over and the store will simply be rendered obsolete. The same goes for any website which fails to comply. Viewership drops, search engine rankings fall behind and simply becomes a shell of its former glory.

Website Maintenance SEO

Website maintenance is beneficial for search engines.

Search engines rank websites based on several factors after each crawl, which go through an algorithm predefined by them to determine your website’s score or rank. It’s not rocket science. A content update forces search engines to recalculate your website and page scores. Frequent updates means frequent reassessment, which leads to a better score overall.

Keep in mind though, that having updates for the sake of it can be detrimental. We recommend high quality, informational and substantial content to be placed on your site. Search engines get smarter every day and you will be penalised for blasting low quality articles in a bid to outsmart them.

Lets talk about Google.

Google is by far the number one search engine today. As the leader in search engines, they have influenced how websites are constructing content today. Google has expressed the importance of frequent, quality content, and thus, you should strive to achieve so.

The easiest by far to achieve this, would be to write quality articles for your site. When you educate potential customers on your field of work, you also establish a trust relationship with them that you are good and committed at what you do, making it a win-win scenario.

Content is king.

Good websites should strive to become the “authority” in their field in Google’s eyes. In order to reach such a status, published content should be valuable and informative to the consumer. In doing so, it conveniently aligns by Google’s view on content.

The more you write great content on one topic, the more reliable you become as an authority, and more people will trust what you say. When people trust you, they are more likely to purchase from you. In line with this, social media platforms become a great starting point to build authority. Answering questions and solving problems on the content you wrote will only reinforce your position on the topic.

As Google indexes the thousands of pages of content out there, including your competitors, it begins to measure relevancy of your site by content saturation. The more quality content you have, the greater your chances of becoming the next authority and coming up on top in searches.

Quality content comes with quality images. Ensuring that your content is professional and photos are standardised across the board is a surefire way to give a crisp look for your readers.

Website maintenance is crucial, yet time consuming.

Picture a new year resolution that you once failed to fulfil. It is a simple concept to grasp; many new website owners tell themselves that they will perform their own website maintenance. They head off strong with a strong start and enthusiastically post new articles, update page content and aggressively sharing their latest articles on social media. As the days go by, the tasks become a chore. Suddenly, you have much more important things to do. Your kid catches a cold. It’s the end of the year and you have reports to fill. You tell yourself, I’ll do it tomorrow, and the next day. And so on.. The rest as they say, is history.

A smarter and cost effective plan would be to get someone to do your website maintenance. Some of our customers we have spoken to initially planned to hire a full time personnel for the job, so as to fulfil the search engine optimisation role. What most fail to see is that SEO is like an art which is perfected over time through experience; there are many factors that contribute to SEO scores, from using the correct tags, to content structure and keyword density and positioning.

An even more cost effective solution would be to get a professional web maintenance company to deal with the above, saving both time and money while allowing you to focus on your business. Which in case you’re wondering, we offer exactly that at Iluma Design.

Website Maintenance is Time Consuming

Website maintenance is not just about content

As mentioned above, multiple factors are taken into account by search engines when scoring and ranking your website. Website maintenance ensures that these other factors do not pull down your overall ranking. These include items such as quick website speeds and checking for broken links and images, amongst many others.

At Iluma Design, we take the extra step to monitor your website performance and rankings, and take proactive steps with you to ensure that you are well equipped in the digital web space.

If you don’t have time to come up with articles, we will do just that. If you have an in house writer, send the articles over and we will optimise them. If you need professional photographs, we can take them for you.

Tldr; We’ve got you covered. 

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