Consider your website as a living, breathing entity existing on the internet, which needs constant updates to keep it alive. An updated website allows you to interact with your visitors, more often, hence developing relationships with your customers as well as gaining powerful rankings on the search engines.

Search engine optimization or SEO is basically the process through which the visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results is affected — often referred to as “natural, or “earned” results. In general, the earlier (or higher ranked on the search results page), and more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine’s users, and these visitors can be converted into customers.


Importance of fresh Content:


Businesses, especially small ones, are heavily increasing in numbers within Singapore, which is why if you are a new business which wants to develop in to a large firm, you would need a lot of fresh content and updates on your website in a way which is engaging and catches attention of a higher rate of people. Updating your website not only includes uploading articles, images, competitions, polls, or videos (related to your brand/service) on the website but also paying attention to the web design and updating it every now and then to add in new features which catch the attention of more people.

The secret sauce to ranking number 1 on Google’s Singapore rankings is to pay more attention the keywords you’re using and most importantly, since you’re a new business trying to fly, you need to keep it localized for a while and don’t try to compete with millions of websites around the world. Also, by keeping it local, you might as well gain more website traffic because Google’s Pigeon update gives priority to local results if it feels that the visitor’s query is related to local businesses.


Influence of fresh content on SEO ranking:


  1. Fresh content allows you to keep your audience informed and updated, which means that through this you’ll be able to keep your current customers subscribed and pave way for the entry of new customers as well. This audience engagement allows you to develop long-term loyalty in your customers, which then translates into returning traffic which adds a lot of value to your website puts you in good standings within Google’s rankings.
  2. Many businesses strive hard to become the industry authority in the eyes of Google but aren’t really aware of how to do so. The perfect strategy for this is to follow the main SEO adage- “content is king”. You need to make your content engaging, exciting, and most importantly, maintain the quality of your content. The more informative and valuable your content is the greater authority potential and rankings your website will attain.
  3. More content means more opportunities for your site to contain more keywords. Since keywords rank high on the algorithm chart for search indexing and ranking, you should focus on adding in a lot of keywords but do remember that it isn’t just about cramming in as many keywords as you can because Google looks at top quality content when it comes to indexing a site.