Why Choose Iluma Over Turnkey E-Commerce Solutions?

Why Choose Iluma Over Turnkey e-Commerce Solutions?


Iluma Design specializes in creating fully responsive websites using the WordPress platform, with e-commerce capabilities added through a plugin, WooCommerce. You may be thinking, “Why get a web agency to create an e-commerce website for me, when I can do it myself using platforms like Shopify, Bigcommerce and Wix ?” Although such turnkey e-commerce solutions are very common nowadays, here is why getting a complete website built from scratch by Iluma gives you more bang for your buck.


A website built from the ground up by Iluma will cost $1,500 onwards. Although it is an upfront cost, there are no monthly subscription fees. Basically, the website will not cost you any more money once it is setup.

Turnkey e-commerce solutions providers tend to charge either a monthly subscription fee, or a percentage commission for every transaction. For example, Shopify charges a monthly subscription fee ranging from S$19 to S$231 per month, depending on the number of features. Wix only offers 1 plan for online stores at US$24.90 per month. Bigcommerce not only charges a monthly subscription, but also charges a commission of 2.2-2.9% + US$0.30 for each transaction through your online store. These recurring costs and commission fees can add up to a very large sum in the long run.


Iluma’s package includes domain name registration, hosting and SSL certificate for the website. We do all the nitty-gritty work for you.

Many turnkey e-commerce solutions only provide the shopping cart software to list and sell your products. As such, the domain name and hosting for your website must be purchased separately. Some providers that require you to purchase your own domain name and hosting include Shopify and Volusion. This mean having to deal with an additional company besides your chosen provider, as well as additional costs.


Iluma uses WordPress to create your website, as there are a large variety of themes available. In-depth changes can be made to truly customize your online store. With more than 30,000 add-on features that can be added to your website, you can create a better user experience. Iluma can tailor your website to fit the needs of your target market.

Turnkey e-commerce solutions tend to have limited themes, and include fewer variations. The themes are also not as customizable as WordPress, so most sites using the same provider tend to look similar to one another. Although Shopify and Bigcommerce do have apps available for added functionality, the options are not as varied as compared to WordPress, which is open-source and constantly has new plugins created by developers.

Content Management

WordPress is one of the most popular and widely used Content Management Systems. By building your e-commerce website on WordPress, Iluma allows you to manage your website’s content in a fuss-free and easy way. Other than e-commerce, you can fully utilize blogging to reach out to customers.

On the other hand, turnkey e-commerce solutions may have limited blogging capabilities as some of them, such as Shopify and Bigcommerce, are built with e-commerce as their main function.


Iluma does the maintenance and backups for your website on a regular basis.

With turnkey e-commerce solutions, backups have to be done manually.


Iluma’s in-house designers are highly experienced in web design. Based on your needs, we will come up with proposed designs that best suit your brand image. The chosen design can be further refined to fit your requirements.

Using turnkey e-commerce solutions, there are fewer customizations that can be done with their themes. Any designs required have to be done by yourself, or by a hired freelancer.

Number of Products

An unlimited number of products can be listed on your website created by Iluma. WooCommerce, the e-commerce plugin used, does not place a limit the number of items you can sell.

Turnkey e-commerce solutions may impose a limit on the number of products you can list in your store. The cheapest plan on Shopify, which costs $19/month, allows you to list up to 150 products. This is fine if you are running a small online store. However, as you expand and the number of products you stock increase, you may run out of space to list new products. Providers may also limit the amount of online sales you make through your store. Bigcommerce only allows you to earn up to $50,000 in annual online sales. You will need to upgrade your subscription to be able to list more products or earn more revenue, which incurs greater monthly cost.


If your website runs into any problems, Iluma’s support team is based locally and easily contactable.

As most turnkey e-commerce solutions providers are located overseas, their support teams are also based overseas. For example, Shopify’s support teams are based in various locations in Canada, and Wix’s offices are located in Europe, North and South America.

From the above comparisons, we believe that Iluma Design’s offerings provide more value to you than turnkey e-commerce solutions such as Shopify. Although it may cost more upfront, we expertly manage the entirety of website creation for you, so you do not need to spend time struggling with something you are not familiar with. This leaves you to focus on more important aspects of your business, such as revenue generation.