Why SMEs Should Use Google Apps for Work For Their Emails

Most people are familiar with Google’s email service, Gmail. Other than using Gmail for your personal email, did you know that you can also use Gmail for work, with your company’s own domain name (@yourcompany.com)? The entire suite of Google Apps for Work includes most of their popular web applications, such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Hangouts, Google Calendar and Google Docs. At Iluma Design, we use Google Apps for Work, and have found that it works wonderfully for small businesses. So why should SMEs in Singapore use Google Apps for Work, specifically Gmail?

Minimal Learning Curve

Most people have a personal Gmail account, and should already be familiar with the way Gmail works. Using a system that your team is already comfortable with means there’s less time wasted on learning the ropes.


All your emails are stored in the cloud, so you don’t have to backup data in your company’s server. Rather, all this information is stored in Google’s cloud, allowing you to focus on your business instead of the back-end infrastructure. Google has long been one of the key players in cloud storage, so be assured that your corporate data is safe in their servers.

Greater Accessibility

With all emails stored in the cloud, users can access them anytime, anywhere there is an Internet connection. They are no longer restricted to using their work computer for emails, or having to set up the email client in a new computer. All they need to do is login to Google’s web-based email client. Even when they are not in Singapore, they can access their email as long as they are connected to the Internet. There is no additional setup involved. With greater accessibility, employees can be more productive in more places.

Cost Efficient

Google Apps start from USD5 per user per month for its basic plan. This provides your team with individual business email addresses, access to their suite of apps including online calendars, text documents, spreadsheets and slides, and even storage space for file syncing and sharing. With such affordable prices, Google Apps is definitely suited for SMEs or startups with few employees. Instead of purchasing a whole suite of productivity tools that can run in the thousands, Google Apps for Work is value-for-money.

Excellent Support

If you run into any issues with Google Apps for Work, there are a range of resources that can assist, including Google Certified Administrators, online forums and websites, and even companies specialising in Google support. The array of Google support outlets, brought about by the large community of users, allows you to quickly find your solution.

Google Apps for Work is a productivity suite your SME should definitely consider using. Not only is it affordable and easy to learn, all your information is secure yet accessible anytime and anywhere. All our clients use Google Apps for Work for their business email. This is why we at Iluma Design readily recommend it to you.